Featured Art Work
Art you can feel: Yakime continues to experiment with different approaches, mediums, and textures. “I believe that experimentation is a contributing factor towards the evolutionary growth of an artist. It enhances the creative process, allowing for a broader spectrum of personal expression,” says Yakime.
Continuing in this vein, the below new work from Yakime is entitled ‘You Talk Too Much!’ This mixed media piece measures 30″w X 30″h X 1.5″d. The primary hues are Mars Black and Titanium White.
“This latest painting, which will be part of the WET Exhibition being held at the B2 Fine Art Gallery/Studio in Tacoma, Washington, from April 24th – June 14th, reflects my love of textures and contrasts. While the name is somewhat whimsical, I am not going to make an attrempt to over philosophize its description or try to insenuate that there is some sort of underlying meaning or message. Instead I will leave it up to you as the viewer to draw your own conclusion.”
Yakime Akela Brown
You Talk Too Much